Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Independence Day - Three Solid Candidates

This Independence Day, Colorado Conservative Action has written three checks for three stalwart conservatives running for legislative office. These guys are going to help us “declare independence” from those who push the “nanny-state control-state” which now rules our state legislature. But they need your help, and so does CCA need your help to help them.

None of them have received the maximum contribution from CCA yet, so your contribution can send yet more funds their way. Can you help us provide more money for these three great candidates?

CCA only supports candidates who are true conservatives – fiscal conservatives, pro-life, pro-gun, and not just “saying” they believe these things, but going on the record and having enough sincerity or credentials that we know they are serious.

Dean Boehler is running for State Senate District 6, in western and southwestern Colorado – from Pagosa Springs to Durango, then north as far as Montrose. He is running against a liberal Republican who has a seriously bad record on a number of things. State Representative Ellen Roberts – his primary opponent was ranked as the MOST pro-abortion Republican in the whole legislature!

Boehler was going to run for another office, but he checked into Roberts’ record and realized it was his duty to run as a solid conservative candidate against her. It’s never easy running against a current legislator, even one who’s running for a different office, but Dean Boehler knocked her socks off at the District Assembly (carrying 67% of the votes, and almost keeping Roberts off the ballot!). Dean Boehler has the strength and determination to win despite his opponent's fundraising lead. He's making up for it through sweat and tears and a strong grass-roots presence. Whoever wins the Republican nomination has a good chance of beating the do-nothing Democrat incumbent. There should be a clear difference in principles between the Republican candidate and the Democrat, and that will only happen with Dean Boehler!

Kevin Grantham is running for State Senate District 2, in south-central Colorado – the counties around Pueblo, including some of the city and its suburbs, from Canon City into the Arkansas River Valley. This is a district that has been held by Republicans and is likely to be held by the GOP. Grantham s running on solid fiscally and socially conservative ideals, and is competing in a primary against an establishment candidate with experience in county government – a bureaucrat who will do what bureaucrats do, in ignorance of conservative principles. His opponent is also on record as supporting abortion (stated he is "pro-choice" in a recent radio appearance). Grantham's conservative principles are in stark contrast to his opponent.

Chris Holbert is running for State House District 44 in Douglas County – an area which includes Parker, Lone Tree and Roxborough Park. It’s a district populated mostly by strong conservatives, but 2 of the 3 Republicans running aren't conservatives! Holbert supports solid conservative principles – social and fiscal – and is running against two candidates with quite a bit less to say for themselves, including another teacher/bureaucrat on the one hand, and a wealthy government contractor on the other. Holbert has the backing of almost every legislator we conservatives have come to admire, but this won’t be an easy race because of his opponent’s self-funded campaign spending spree. Don’t let a liberal Republican buy this office – help give Chris Holbert the opportunity to be Colorado’s star freshman in the coming State House!

Each of these three candidates is also a committed Christian, bearing solid witness and demonstrating their faith through service to their community here and abroad.

There are many other great candidates out there, but some of them don’t face a Republican primary opponent, and others don’t need much help defeating their Democrat opponent. Funding conservatives in tough primaries is the best way for us to get the RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) out of office and make sure our Republican officeholders represent YOU, and not some special interest or middle-of-the-road voter who doesn’t understand principles and doesn’t really know what he believes. Colorado Conservative Action will help candidates out after the primaries too, but there are good conservatives who need our help now.

Will you help us by giving a donation that represents your urgent desire to change our government? Naturally, we ask you to give the maximum donation if you can -- $525 per person (a two-person household can give twice for $1050). If you can’t give that much, then please give what you can. These funds will be directed toward people who believe the way you and I believe – true conservatives who we can trust to do the job right.

Thank you!

Ed Hanks
Colorado Conservative Action

Write checks of no more than $525 to Colorado Conservative Action, and send to Ed Hanks, 1005 Northridge Rd., Littleton, CO 80126 or donate online using the Paypal button at the bottom of this page (or at the top).

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